Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Application Outsourcing Services

In tough economic times, businesses have three choices: ignore the situation, accept defeat, or take control. The first two options—doing nothing and riding out the storm or accepting the pounding—can be paralyzing, with devastating consequences. However, by taking control, businesses can stay ahead of competitors, grow market share, and ensure viability in all types of market conditions.

One way to take control is to consider all your options when it comes to your people, your processes, and your technologies. How can you make your people more productive? How can you streamline your business processes to minimize mistakes and maximize efficiency? And what technologies can help you achieve those goals quickly and cost-effectively?

With the evolution of Application Outsourcing services, companies have new choices when it comes to technologies, along with unprecedented opportunities. Instead of buying and setting up an extensive IT infrastructure—servers, networks, security, and licensed software, along with a staff to manage it all—customers who choose to outsourcing there applications management function of their IT department to a Software Outsourcing Company like Symbyo . And instead of the headaches associated with upgrades and new releases, customers simply decide which new features they want to use and take care of all the details. It’s all part of the larger picture of cloud computing pioneered by consumer companies such as Amazon.com and Google, in which people use the computing resources of other companies for their own purposes.

Symbyo Technologies is a pioneer in making this business model available to business users as well.

One of the advantages of cloud computing is that companies can focus on what they do best and on what gives them the most value for the smallest investment. Taking advantage of the cloud is one way to take control because it supports the following basic approaches. These approaches are always important to business success—and in difficult economic times, they’re critical.
:: Executing on business goals in a way that achieves revenue growth, while lowering costs and minimizing risk.
:: A strong commitment to supporting existing customers to expand the user base, ensure loyalty, and turn customers into advocates.
:: Smart and rigorous financial investments that focus on getting up and running quickly, with solutions that are flexible, support managers in making critical decisions, and make life easy for end users.

Within these approaches, there are key strategies for doing more with less, for empowering customers and partners, and for increasing the effectiveness of internal resources such as IT, sales, marketing, and customer service. This article explores how can support these strategies and how companies like yours have used Application Outsourcing to not only survive, but to thrive.

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