Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SEC Filing Reveals Intel Was Hit by Hackers in January

Cyber attacks on major corporations around the world are very common, however, most companies simply don’t announce that they have been attacked or if any data was stolen. Cyber attacks have been making headlines recently with the drama surrounding Google's admission that it was attacked by hackers.

Google announced in mid-January that its networks had been attacked in a coordinated assault that resulted in stolen IP and ongoing attacks on Gmail accounts. After Google's admission that it was attacked along with 24 other companies, Intel has come clean about a recent attack on its own networks. Intel is stating that it is not clear if the attacks on it network, which happened during the same period as the Google attacks, are linked.

Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy said, "The only connection [to the Google attack] is timing."

Reuters reports that Intel has said its networks are under attack regularly. The chipmaker revealed that its networks were attacked in January in a regular filing with the SEC. Analysts believe that Intel may have revealed the attacks because of new changes to disclosure laws and increased awareness of cyber security.

Intel has not said where the attack originated from and if the attacks resulted in the loss of any data. Mulloy says that the Intel security team works closely with other security teams in the industry. Mulloy told
eWeek that Intel was not willing to characterize the attack and was keeping details of the attack confidential.

Todd Feinman, CEO of Identity Finder told
Reuters, "Very rarely are they [cyber attackers] really trying to commit industrial espionage, because it's really hard to do that without getting caught." He added, "The advantage [to admitting the attacks] is that you're protecting yourself for when it finally does happen and something really bad occurs, because you can say 'we disclosed this information on our 10-K."


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