Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3 Easy Steps to Online Business Success

Marketing experts would say to you that there is a limit on how you can advertise and SEO your website. When you are tapped into these marketing success steps, you will be generating riches on the internet. By doing this you will be making a residual income from home instead of working a job. These days, only 3% of the people online marketing will succeed.

These steps have been provided from the seniors marketers and have proven to be true. It has also worked for me and my page rank has been on the top 10. Are you willing to take a risk by investing some money on the internet to have your own home business that will generate income for you? By the way, you would not reach to the top within one day, you need time. You wouldn’t earn a lot of money over night. It might take you 1 to 2 years of your time to succeed.

Do you think the steps I am going to tell you work or not? Yes it does. You just have to follow it and do it none stop. It does take a lot of time and energy. When your hard work is put in it, later on you will get a pretty good outcome. You will love what you have done and feel that you have succeeded.

The first thing you have to do is to get your own domain name with a web host. Sign up for a 3-5 year domain with hosting space. By doing this, you will get a pretty well discount. I have, this is where I host my website at. Godaddy is the cheapest hosting out of all the others. When you register, put your business name as your domain.

The second thing is to do is to optimize your key words for search engine optimization. By doing this, you will be pulled up to the search engine rank by the keyword that is used on your webpage. Keywords on your webpage is not good to have more than what you need. If you have more than what the search engine likes, it become a spam webpage for them. They will penalize you for doing that, you might as well be booted off their search engine. There are many web pages out there that will help you calculate the percentage of keywords you have. The percentage you need is 2.7 or lower. No need to go above into the 7% even though there are search engines out there won’t penalize you for it. You want your website to be on the top search engines, not the lower ones. Even if the lower search engines bring you traffic, top 4 search engines bring you more. So keep out from being penalized.

The third thing is one way links. You should have one way links all the time because search engines are starting to penalize people for exchanging links. Meaning if you are on the top rank of the search engine and you have plenty of lower links on your site. Your rank may be pulled down from doing that. If you exchange links, be sure the link exchange partner and you have the same topic on your webpage.

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