Monday, March 10, 2008

Database Backup ~ Taken From Mambo

As well all know Joomla 1.0 was originally derived from Mambo. Although it has now advanced to the ever famous Joomla 1.5, however Mambo cannot be denied as not being the back bone of Joomla. Joomla got its earlier features from mambo. The database functionality still reflects the original Mambo database component.

A nice tip I would like to share here with you regarding the database functionality of Joomla is connected to its database. I used to apply this method when I was learning Mambo. One day while using Joomla 1.5 I decided to give it put a try and to my surprise it worked very well.

In order to execute queries we always need to access the admin panel and enter our queries there. However you may not need any PHP MyAdmin panel if you are a pro at SQL queries. You can write down your own query and get the desired results in no time. This used to be the method in Mambo. But however this step of writing your queries has been masked behind the admin panel in Joomla as to reduce code complexity. The backup functionality was also removed from the code completely. The only reason behind doing so was to secure the content without going through the trouble to install anything.

The Joomla people probably were concerned for new web developers. As new people may get confused at times and that would screw up the entire website. It is being largely commented that the database functionality actually belonged to some other person. Here are comments from a blogger pointing out what I just said:

“I can tell you that the reason we lost the Database functionality from Mambo is that this functionality was essentially an external `library` created by another author (who I believe was formerly part of the team that created Mambo) asked for it to be removed from Mambo “


Whatever the reason, this functionality is said to be removed for good. And a bunch of new functionalities have been added which I guess should be enough to compensate for the loss.

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