Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Software Development Process

In these techno-savvy days’ the need of software is versatile. In each and every sphere of human life software play a great role. In fact, it originates from the users’ needs and requirements. Starting from understanding the basic requirements to the coding and final testing the process continues. The first and foremost thing is analysis and understanding the particular purpose of desired software to make it effective. Maximum of the end users who use such software might not be aware of the process and steps involved in. Software Development. These are the days of outsourcing and end users for whom software is made might not be aware of its development process. Having a basic knowledge of how software is made may prove to be beneficial for the business organizations that implement and use such software.

Software Developmentprocess or lifecycle is a systematic process consisting of various stages during which software is developed. Understanding the requirement of the desired software is the first and basic thing of a software development. Software engineers first chops up the need into modules to make effective software.

Second is the specification analysis stage. Specifications are most important in terms of user’s need and requirement. This is a diagnostic stage where needs are defined that requires to be solved. After studying users’ system developers’ note down the various points to be focused during software development. Next is the Architectural analysis or conceptual representation of the software system. In this phase, the software's overall structure is defined along with its various nuances. A software development model is prepared and it is now ready for coding. Coding is the stage where design is reduced to code through various computer programming languages. Languages are used as per the requirement of the particular applications.

Next to coding is the testing stage. During the process debugging is done which are committed at previous steps. Testing is done to ensure that coding done is perfect and work together in harmony with other process.

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