Tuesday, February 12, 2008

10 Benefits of Using Coding Standards to Software Development Team

Having coding standards in a software development organization has the following advantages.

For the developers:

1. The source code will be more comprehensive and will become easy-to-maintain. As the programmers became more and more familiar with the coding style as they implements the coding standards on project after project.

2. The uniform approach for solving problems will be handy because the code standards documents reveal the recommended methods that were tried and tested on the earlier projects.

3. Less communication between developers and managers will be needed because the programmers will not asked anymore on the details of the specification document because the defaults are all stated in coding standards.

4. Is common to the less experience programmer to re-invent the wheel. When there are coding standards, there is a big chance that particular problem is not really a new problem, but in fact, a solution may be documented before.

For the quality assurance team:

5. Well documented coding standards will aid the creation of “Test Scripts”. Having reviewed the source code and tested an application based on compliance to coding standards, it added strong direction to ensure quality of the software product.

6. Because code standards implements traceability, the item ids can be used to describe a violation in the “Test Results” document that both developers and testers are familiar with.

For the project managers:

7. It is important for the project managers to maintain and secure source code quality on their projects. Implementing coding standards could jumpstart this goal halfway to its realization.

8. Repeated performance pitfalls could be avoided. It is a common case that a released software product could be less impressive when it comes to performance when the real data has been loaded in the new developed database application.

9. Lesser man-hour consumption as the sum of all efforts implementing coding standards.

10. It is also beneficial for the organization who are applying for ISO 9001 license because coding standards is a complement from organization’s execution plan requirements.

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