Sunday, February 3, 2008 and Ajax Help to Succeed in Outsourcing Software Development

Every professional offshore software development company provides a lot of different services. It includes offshore software outsourcing and software development in order to deliver high quality services and products to their clients at affordable cost. One of the components of outsourcing software development is custom software development. For this service they have specialists which are quite professional in so popular technologies as ASP.Net and Ajax etc. This is really needed for development of customer support systems, workflow automation and distribution.
The term Ajax has a meaning Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a new technology for web development which helps to outwork interactive web applications. The main distinctive feature of Ajax Programming is that it helps to develop web pages which are easier in loading and more responsive. It also has another great advantage – Ajax gives the possibility to change the data of your web page, and there is no need to reload the whole page. Ajax development includes all the advantages of such a famous server technologies as CSS, XSLT, XML and XHTML, it also includes some scripting characteristics of Java Script.
One of the best advantages of Ajax usage is that it refreshes the part of the page at any time, giving the users an instantaneous response to their queries and inputs.
If we are talking about updating of web page there is almost similar server side technology named ASP. There exists the latest version of ASP, which is called ASP.Net. The difference of ASP.Net from ASP is that the former has another development interface which makes easier to use server controls. The creation of ASP was connected with the changing of web pages content. Earlier there was such a situation when the information of web pages was static, but with after a period of time it was needed to change the data not manually, but automatically and dynamically. The Microsoft company was the first one to introduce Active Server Pages (ASP).
The new ASP has a lot of advantages over the older version. At first, it has faster application runtime. Also, it has more flexibility concerning user defined controls. This version has rich user interface, which helps in application development. One of the important features is also more capabilities for coding, which gives the possibility to code in different languages, including VB.Net, C#, J# etc.
The features of Ajax which may be connected with Visual Studio 2005 will allow you to develop your ASP.Net site to the next level. This mixture of technologies will give the possibility to create interfaces of next generation and it will help to reach the success in outsourcing software development.

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