Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Computer Systems

Computer systems have became more advanced and faster in today's society and will allow you to perform many different tasks on them. Such tasks as maintaining and keeping address books, preparing a report for your class, maintaining and keeping a checkbook, creating slides for presentation that you will need for your job, and even playing video games at your own leisure a time.

Importantly enough your computer is made up of several different tools that allows you to be more efficient and faster at getting the job done that you need to do. Think of as having a car and for that car to be able to move from place to place you need different tools. Such tools as a steering wheel, an engine, a gas well and break, tires, and most importantly the body of the car. Having these proper tools will allow the car to move from place to place.

Your computer contains two major sets of tools, software and hardware, and within the two. You can categorize various tools as follows: software, application software, system software, hardware, input devices, output devices, CPU and RAM, storage devices, telecommunications devices, hardware connections. A system or computer can come in a variety of sizes and shapes. In today's society, the business world has allowed you to find the right computer that will support and that will process needs of millions of people simultaneously. These type of computers are called minicomputers, mainframe computers, and super computers that allow millions of people to surf and work simultaneously. If you have a personal preference there are a wide range of options including desktop computers, the notebook computers, and also digital assistants.

Software instructions that your computer hardware executes as a process that information is getting for you. Make a list of many reasons why you want a computer and if those reasons will focus on the things you want. I guarantee these focuses will be on the software aspect of a computer. Say for example, you want to keep a home budget. Then, you certainly wouldn't say that may use a mouse to do this with. But you may say, I want to pry a high quality document using my computer so I can turn the document into a school project. But to do this you must create those documents first and you need the software to do this.

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There are two major categories of software. These categories are the system and application software areas. A system software is the software that details how your computer carries out technology specific tax. These tasks include getting your computer going when you turn it on writing information to a disk, checking for viruses, and a host of other activities. Because system software deals with technology specific tax, we say that it's the layer of software closest to your computer.

The application software part of a computer is the software that will allow you to perform specific tasks, such tasks as writing papers or term papers for school, surfing the Internet, keeping a budget at your home and creating a slideshow presentation for your job. Because this type of application software deals with specific information related tasks that you want to perform, this is considered the software that is closest to you.

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